De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

Eighth lecture quantum transport

has taken place during the official semester break. I do not know why Quantum Transport has been scheduled on this mysterious week 1.10 while Advanced Quantum Mechanics has been not. Perhaps quantum fluctuations was the reason. Anyway there were six students and I could not figure out if this number is big (for a semester break) or small (for a regular lecture).

This year I decided to swap lecture 7 and lecture 8. The reason was rather mathematical: it is handy to explain the quantum corrections with random matrix theory, the latter most naturally arises in the context of quantum dots. Unfortunately, there was a timing problem which made my presentation of random matrices rather short and incomprehensive. I cannot really understand what brought me behind the schedule. Perhaps I have spent too much time on introduction about optical dots, Eiffel tower and all that. I hardly had time to explain resonant tunnelling.

The interaction with audience was so-so. Get correct answers to my questions, while most answers came from a single student. 


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