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Posted in March 2013

Forgiveness Sunday

This year, the Orthodox schedules differ significantly from more common ones. As matter of fact, I’ve just started with Great Lent. To start with this, there is a rite not to miss: ask forgiveness of everybody, and forgive as well.

So please forgive me, dear reader.

Fifth Lecture Quantum Transport 2013

We have started and finished spin transport and departed to quite a different world of Coulomb blockade. I think we had a good discussion of Coulomb blockade in the beginning, yet there is much more to say on next week.

Fifth Lecture Advanced Statistical Mechanics 2013

We finally get to the real stuff: we have discussed non-ideal gases, talked a lot about perturbation theory, in general and in the context of the non-ideal gas. I did not have time to talk about critical point, yet this comes twice in the course of problem-solving sessions.

Fourth Lecture Quantum Transport 2013

A peculiarity of the lecture was that I had to give it in the state of harsh flu. I just cannot afford to skip any lecture this semester. Despite my state, the lecture went reasonably smooth. The material was perhaps most abstract in the course: we have started with classical circuit theory and developed a quantum generalisation of it with virtually no formulas. It went good with respect to tempo. If healthly, I would even attempted to talk about spin transport as well. Yet this topics remains for the next lecture.

Fourth lecture Advanced Statistical Mechanics 2013

During this lecture, we have finished the material of the Lecture 3 except several slides which we look at in two weeks. Well, this tempo is normal: we had the same last years. Still I hesitate to make 4 slide sets out of 3: the borders between different topics do not fit nicely such separation. The audience is pretty large, there is a satisfactory interaction, although I feel little feedback.

First Problem-Solving Session Quantum Transport 2013

Today I have delivered homework explanations for Quantum Transport course. I haven’t done this for ages, so was not sure about my performance. Yet it appeared to be fun, at least for me, we have dealt with many things including the tricks of Taylor expansion 🙂 And we managed to complete all the problems on time.

Third Lecture Quantum Transport 2013

Today we have finished the interference, and made a half of the third lecture finishing by Laplace equation. There is thus a stable delay by a half of the lecture. The audience has stabilized, remains bigger than a year ago. They look serious.

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