De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

Second Lecture Advanced Statistical Mechanics

though I still have a flu, I did not feel too bad in the morning. The first lecture at 8:45 is always a challenge for me but I think I could woke and came fresh and energetic. Well. Let me put it frankly: I expected more students. I started with four, and it came to eight or perhaps nine in 15 minutes. Still it’s rather dissapointing, though I understand the feeling is not rational: the statistics of student numbers has very little to do with statistical mechanics, and I ought to adhere the latter.

The advantage of smaller audience is the motivation for less formal lecture style. I spared some time to derivation of entropy of the ideal gas in the framework of thermodynamics. Sankore 3.1 was not and ideal medium but I managed to draw a bunch of symbols: though most of them came a way to sharp and over-lined resembling pseudo-Gothic fonts of Nazi newspapers. I did not hasten and did not want to catch up with the material: there is still a delay of approxiamtely a half of the lecture.

Guess the second half where we have discussed the math of probability theory was pretty boring (not for me, though, since I know how usefull will it be soon). Well, I will do everything to make the rest less boring 🙂

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